The Open Palm Monastery

The Open Palm Monastery, none know the true founding date of the Grand Dojo. Some say it was as the Dwarven Government began to shift into the Bureaucracy it is today, Centuries and Centuries ago. Even the now excommunicated Sensei could not recall the date, in his age. The Myths hold however that the founding was by a Dwarf who fled their homeland in search of Spiritual Solace and to find the Path to Enlightenment. This Great Dwarfs Name has been lost to the records, for what we presume to be he, never felt it worthy of the scrolls and tomes. So he is simply “The First”. The First stayed in the cold, the snow, the sleet and freezing nights, his mind not besieged by the ephemeral mortal qualms. He honed his body on the stone, on the rock, on the snow to gain an epiphany of the mind in focus and practice. In his search for personal Order, he recorded all he could on the stone, etched with the few tools they brought. So he thought, and contemplated in the Transcendent Experience of the world, and himself, to find the Way to Spiritual Peace.

When it was found, or rather when he said it was, the word began to slip into the communities of Dwarven Tavern Halls and Food lines. That a man could offer one secrets, as if by it’s sheer discovery it grew into something more, a ripple of thought amongst the communities. So some, desperate or curious, and some both set out to find this Dwarfs Secrets. Many Dwarven Men and Women set out to find the fabled Sage in the Mountains high. Some died along the trek, for the Cold wanderings in search of a hermit had proven lethal to some. The monsters that crept along the snowy crags had caught some and others from the cold that they hid from in their Deep Homes and Furnaces. Those that made it, found a dwarf clad in not but rags and Grey was his hair, but his eyes held solemn calm and absolute tranquility. So, he taught those that wished to seek the right path, to find the world of Individual Peace, in one’s own Sphere.

After the First Past on, and after many long decades of training their minds to resist, and bodies to endure, they set about the construction of a beacon to the world, who sought the same, and over several more Decades, word spread, as every floor was added to the great Dojo. They carved the stone with hands and patience, placing every floor with care and mapping it out with rigid consideration.

So years past, and soon it was referred to by many new pilgrims as the “Open Palm” Monastery for it’s Unarmed mastery of the self. As each generation of Masters Drifted on into the Next World, they continued to practice, and find ways down the Path, and practice styles, feats to hone the mind and body, and Dark secrets which they thought would corrupt their students, and secrets which Master after Master think ought never to see the light of day.

Before the Rebellion by Kallisti, the last master was Sensei, who cast aside his name long ago in place of that title. Some say from a dialect of Dwarven Lost to the Ages.

The Open Palm Monastery

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