Apra Stitute

Cloud's long-term girlfriend


HP: 21
AC: 10
Fort/Ref/Will: 3/2/4
Attack: Dagger +5 1d4 plus 1


Apra Stitute was born C.Y. 485 in the town of Magnus, and remained there until it’s unfortunate decimation at the hands of the marauding orcs. She had no aspirations beyond making money through her modest shop and avoiding people finding out about her name. That is, at least, until she was rescued from the jaws of death by the now famous ladies man Cloud Sexxana. She then remained an ally for The Crew throughout there time in Perue, ultimately marrying Cloud and baring him a child. When she is not living in their house in Rheward Poll, she is attempting to branch her store out into a sizable shop in City 1.

Apra Stitute

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