Alroy Kamenwati

A dwarf with a short beard and an eye-patch.


Uh…Ask the DM.

-James: Well, Ryan, I’m glad you asked me. Because this is where you should put your Myth-weavers link when you have it. Which you should.


Backstory: Alroy’s clan was part of the dwarven governments airforce (not to be confused with the pansy royal airforce.) He was accused of treason to the government after refusing to endanger his entire clan for the sake of the government, declared an anarchist and a treasonist. While Alroy was sneaking about dwarven territory, mostly doing nothing, he met a wonderful group of morons and decided to travel with them, deeming them just smart enough to travel with.

+ Daggerplay, specifically with his Kukri.
+ Flying, being born into an air-faring clan made this easy
+ Taking things from the government and then selling the obtained items on the market.
+ His crew, he loves being a boss

- Anything too lawful that its bland
- Mutiny under his order
- Harsher Governments, though he steals from every governmental power that he can
- Being in situations he cannot control.

Getting his ‘business’ up and running with an airship and a sea-faring fleet of galleons or other ships at his disposal.

Alroy Kamenwati

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