The Crew

The Story So Far- Part 2

After taking a two year break in their new home in Rheward Poll, The Crew was further requested into service by the Orc-Goblin Alliance. They attempted to make contact with the Dwarven Kingdom in picking up some medicine from an old alchemist, but all they found was were-rats infesting his tower. They got the medicine, and they also got proper training for their newest member, a Dwarven expatriate by the name of Alroy Kamenwati. Now having gotten their taste for adventure back, they jumped at the chance to sail with Gus The Lefty when he stopped into town. They sailed into the Northlands to deliver various packages, but were accosted over Dwarven territory by several ships of the Knights of Law. It was a grueling fight, but they managed to fight them off, but crashed from a shot fired from below. They woke up in The Open Palm Monastery, but it’s a quite different one than gorvald-mord remembered. None of his old masters were there, and his old rival seemed to be running the place, leaving it a disorganized shell of it’s formal glory. Indeed, they learned that Kallisti had assumed a hostile take over, and now dedicated the monastery as a headquarters for the Anarchists. Kallisti offered a chance for The Crew to help him, and all but Gorvald Mord did. Gorvald Mord was thrown into a makeshift prison for his refusal, where he met both Sensai, and Elle, his soon to be girlfriend. Akuya Bakama also met up with Cassandra, and the two formulated a plan to get her into power, now that she’s been reformed. Alroy Kamenwati and Cloud Sexyvampire Sexxana set off to supply the Human Tribes guns, only to find the villages empty except for one man, Tribal, who they recruited. They were then captured by giants, while Cloud Sexyvampire Sexxana performed an unexplained rescue and got wings. The Open Palm loyalists were freed by Kallisti, and sent to the Dwarven Kingdoms. Sadly, they were tricked, and a bomb attached to their boat was detonated in the middle of Bofflode. However, after seeing the conditions loyalty lives in, Gorvald Mord adopted a stance against the current regime, but ultimately for order. He met his parents, who were leading the PWA in the city of Torelagg. Elle convinced him to kill his father after the two caught him handing over valuable secrets over to the government. Now, Gorvald Mord, Elle, or Gorvald’s mother are the prime choices for rulership if the revolution succeeds. Cassandra also secured more troops from the Knights of Law. Alroy Kamenwati and Cloud Sexyvampire Sexxana also returned to the rest of the group after bombing the elves. Cloud Sexyvampire Sexxana then ran off with Kallisti, where he was requested to torture Gus The Lefty, who revealed Cloud Sexyvampire Sexxana‘s secret undead-ness. Still working together, however, Kallisti left for Torrelag, where he attempted to make peace with the remnants of The Open Palm Monastery, and agreed to provide troops for the rebellion. Though Gorvald accepted this plan, Sensai did not, and traveled to the Anarchist’s hq to kill Kallisti. The attack failed, and Sensai has now joined the ranks of the dead. Now open war is broken out, and the last thing to do before the coup itself is investigate the mysterious migration of both the Elven League and the Jotun towards a distinct spot on the map.

The Story So Far- Part 1

On the day of 35 C.Y. 500, the four adventurer’s who met on a stormy road had no idea how much they would change the world. They also didn’t realize just how much they would hate each other. All were there for various reasons, and were quite different in personality, but in slaughtering the undead who were unliving in their castle shelter, the four developed at least a flimsy friendship. They were all in Perue for various reasons, but they stuck together, along with Brother Joseph, who they met on the road. For a brief period of time, they stayed in Magnus before it was burned down by orcs. During the fire, Cloud Sexyvampire Sexxana rescued his long-term girlfriend Apra Stitute After Gorvald Mord met a mysterious presence on a train, they arrived in town, where trouble quickly met them. Gorvald Mord was thrown into prison for committing Cloud Sexyvampire Sexxana‘s crime, but was released by the hand of a corrupt cop under agreement that he would kill a whore who was giving the officer trouble. Hesitant to actually go through with the murder, Gorvald Mord’s conscience was cleared by Blood Du’floreno, who unloaded a bullet into the working woman’s head. After some debate, they left the whore’s child, Zoey Materscortum, with the church of Pelor. Throughout this time, Cloud Sexyvampire Sexxana received training from Gus The Lefty. After that, they played the political game for a while, playing triple-agents in the grand Orc-Goblin Uprising, before Akuya Bakama ultimately killed Lord Rathskelt. They then sided full on with the oppressed Madame Pick, and aided a mini rebellion on the part of War Leader Grikfell, leading the two into a unforeseen alliance that allowed them to bring down Lord Rathskelt‘s regime. Unbeknown to the rest, Akuya Bakama spared the life of Lord Rathskelt’s friend, lover, and propagandist, Cassandra. All was not happy however, because due to injuries, Blood Du’floreno quit the team to take a job with Steam, and Brother Joseph lost his life.


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